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This poor girl originally came to our attention earlier in the year when she was thrown out of her Turkish home, used and abused. A neighbour took her to the local shelter to be neutered and then little is known about her until she turned up on the streets a few months later. She has been bred over and over and is in a terrible state after living on the streets for several months, scavenging for whatever food she could find.

A local animal charity volunteer got in touch with Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England and we realised very quickly it was the same dog and clearly needed immediate help.

We are very pleased to let our supporters know that BDRNE have stepped in to rescue this sweet girl, whom we have named BERYL. Following a visit to the vet, she went in to the safety and security of a foster home in Turkey where she was given the TLC she needed and deserved. With your help we supported her foster family, funded her care and medical treatment and, finally, transported her to Britain.

We are delighted to say that Beryl took the long journey in her stride and she is now safe and sound in one of our foster homes. The response to our appeal to help bring her to over from Turkey has been amazing and without your generous donations we would not have been able to make this happen. 

So, thank you to everyone who supported this appeal and if you would like to continue supporting the work we do, please click on the yellow button on the right at the top of this page. 

The BDRNE team.


What We Do

Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England is a rescue organisation run by volunteers who are dedicated to helping boxers in need. We are an independent rescue and do not operate in association with, or support from, any other boxer rescue organisation. Any similarities between this site and others are not intended.

We have a no destruction policy and never put a healthy non-aggressive dog to sleep.  All dogs are neutered and microchipped prior to re-homing. A full assessment is completed whilst the dogs are in our care to ensure that when rehomed they can be matched to the right family.

Many people think boxers in rescue have behavioural problems, but this is usually not the case.  Most of the dogs offered to us are given up through no fault of their own. Some may have been abused, some may no longer be needed, now that they are too old to breed from. Many are relinquished by loving and caring families but have to be given up because of a change in circumstances.

This website provides information on rescuing a boxer.  If you are interested in adopting one of our many dogs who are available for rehoming, please see our Rehoming Procedures before looking at Boxers Needing Homes and Applying To Adopt.

We are run entirely by volunteers who use all of their spare time to help boxers in need.  All of our volunteers have been working with boxers and rescue organisations for a number of years. We are always on the lookout for more experienced people to help us with fostering, homechecking, transporting or fundraising.  If you are in the North of England and can volunteer please contact us. The more help we have, the more we can help boxers in need.

Help and Support

BDRNE seeks to help any boxer owner encountering problems. If you and your Boxer are having issues that are causing you to consider re-homing your dog then please first consider our Training and Support options. We have training partners, Bark Busters, who will work with aggressive or guarding behaviour (towards other animals or people), recall, heel-work, sit, down and general obedience. 
If your dog is destructive, nervous or anxious we can advise. Please feel welcome to contact us on 07826 521313 or use our enquiries link for more details. 

In The Media

Our friends at Radio Merseyside

Nicki Platt holds a regular dog behaviour slot on BBC Radio Merseyside every Wednesday morning. She takes calls from listeners and offers tips and hints on how to combat unacceptable behaviour exhibited by your dog.  Nicky kindly invited the BDRNE team to come along to the show for a guest slot to talk about Boxer Rescue and to promote some of the dogs in our care.

 You can listen to the clip here.


Nicki is the Merseyside area representative for Bark Busters. If you need Nicki or one of her colleagues to help you with your dog's behaviour then contact Bark Busters for advice.


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